Review: Eric Lampaert @ City Cafe

The undeniable intelligence of Eric Lampaert’s stand-up rarely stops him from indulging in silliness or, occasionally, outright weirdness. As a British-French-American, he has triple nationality, and it is consideration of this unusual combination that forms the backbone of Alien of Extraordinary Ability. This is an hour of comedy that has obviously been meticulously structured, and as a consequence there are very few weak moments. » read more … Read more

Review: Joz Norris at Heroes @ The Hive

Joz Norris is painfully aware that the subject of his 2016 show – significant events in his life over the past year, basically – is just about the most predictably clichéd premise that a man-and-a-mic standup hour could possibly exhibit. But while the initial premise might be straight out of the My First Fringe Show tutorial textbook, the show itself is far from it. » read more Want comment on this article? You can do so here. … Read more

On Depression Support Groups

I have capital-D Depression, as long-time readers already know. The past couple of years have been among the worst of my life, as far as my mental health goes. On the (excellent) advice of (excellent) friends, I recently joined a local Depression Support Group. There's still quite a lot of stigma attached to things like that, and I know a lot of people will be hesitant about doing the same thing themselves because they don't know how it works or what will happen. To that end, I thought I should throw up a quick post in which I describe my … Read more

On Pterry

Terry Pratchett's death hit me hard. Not as hard as it presumably hit his family and friends, of course, but still: I genuinely mourned his passing, which when you think about it is rather extraordinary for somebody I barely knew and who didn't know me from Adam. A lot has been written in the weeks since his death, confirming (as if there were any doubt) his place as one of the giants of English literature. I don't have anything substantial to add to that. Instead, I thought I could perhaps contribute a few personal anecdotes about my interaction with Pterry … Read more

On summoning demons

I've worked with guerilla filmmaking pioneers Strange Company, in one form or another, for over a decade now. Strange Company is the baby of my friend Hugh Hancock. Hugh is a storyteller, and the way he tells stories is unique. Over the years, he's managed to convince me to dress up in a gimp suit covered in ping-pong balls, give a keynote speech to the Berlin Medienwoche (during which a room full of confused Germans were treated to my enthusiastic impersonations of a dragon holding a virtual video camera) and make a sprout soufle whilst hungover. He also cast me … Read more

On being a loony

Update (February 2016)I also wrote about my Depression support group. Update (February 2015) You should probably also read this. REPORTER: Are you offended by being asked to play 'Spot The Loony', Mr Milligan?MILLIGAN: No, but I do object to being called 'Spot'. Spike Milligan, Takin' Over The Asylum I am a nutter. I'm a loon, a madman, a psycho. I'm officially clinically bonkers. What I'm trying to say is that I, like so many people you know, struggle on a daily basis with my mental health. My mental health problems have never been something that I've … Read more