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Miniature Painting: Aphrodite

The goddess Aphrodite, from the boardgame Mythic Battles: Pantheon by Monolith Games.

This is the original sculpt of Stefan Kopinski's concept art by Yannick Hennebo (from the Kickstarter Pandora Box). I do have the opinion-splitting alternate sculpt by Paolo Parente as well, but that remains (for now) unpainted.
I'm reasonably happy with the way this turned out. The skin is obviously the best bit, but the fake transparency on the gauze worked pretty well too. The rest of the model is so-so: I like her hair, but the boots and the gloves are a bit of a pig's ear, and the swords haven't come out quite the way I intended. All of the metallics on this are, admittedly, absolutely godawful, although in my defence they do look worse in the photographs than in real life.

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