On Jimmy Carr's tax avoidance

Alright, let's talk about Jimmy Carr. Here's the thing: this is bullshit. First of all, he's done nothing wrong. Nothing. He hasn't broken the law. He hasn't even evaded the law, bent the law, or been "a bit dodgy". He's taken advantage of the entirely legal options available to him. Should he have done so, morally speaking? Who the fuck knows? If we're going to start sitting in moral judgement of everybody who isn't us, we might as well give up and start buying the Daily Mail for non-cat-litter-related reasons.

On top of all this scapegoating, our in-bred sanctimonious swan-guzzling halfwit of a prime minister had the gall to criticise him for it.

"People work hard, they pay their taxes, they save up to go to one of his shows. They buy the tickets. He is taking the money from those tickets and he, as far as I can see, is putting all of that into some very dodgy tax avoiding schemes."

The hypocritical goddam cheek of this is incredible. Setting aside the many, many, MANY tax avoidance schemes and scandals associated with the Tory party over the years, the guy jumping on the will-nobody-think-of-the-children bandwagon is the cocking Prime Minister. The leader of the fucking goverment. You may remember them from such groups as: the people who are responsible for the fucking legislation in the first fucking place. You're the fucking goverment! If tax legislation is broken (and Christ knows it is) you're the only ones who can fix it. IT'S YOUR FUCKING JOB YOU LAZY ARROGANT MULTIMILLIONARE GOBSHITE. Do some fucking work!

Okay, I'm done. Apologies for the rant, but really - this kind of thing get on my moobs. The really annoying thing is that people are falling for it. Not many people, admittedly, but some people genuinely are now praising Cameron for speaking out against these morally corrupt, tax avoiding society-destroying one-percenters. Unbelievable.

Johnnie Ingram

A portable Geek-to-English translation unit. Atheist, pedant, undercover feminist. Stalker of stand-up comedians. Quite likes Doctor Who.

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