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On National Poetry Day

Since this is National Poetry Day here in the good ol' U of K, I thought I'd share a poem I wrote for my writing group a few weeks ago. This is tentatively titled "Tum-te-tum Beyond The Pale, Something Something Daily Mail" and is licensed under CC BY-SA as if you care.

Tum-te-tum Beyond The Pale, Something Something Daily Mail

The world has gone to shit, there's no denying it,
And there's rarely any hope of a reprieve.
They're spying on our emails and repressing all our females
And wailing that "It's not Adam and Steve!"

The world has gone to pieces, and the anarchy increases
While the idiots are left to run the show.
We've enough debt for a lifetime and Donald Trump is given air-time
Just as David Nutt is given the heave-ho.

There are 8-year-olds with "Pornstar" shirts and paedophiles dismissed as flirts
And millionaires can buy off half the cops.
Constitution disrespected and the BNP elected
And the arseholes always seem to end on top.

We haven't wiped out HIV. Fox cancels all the best TV,
And SOPA almost knocked the web offline.
Music's auto-tuned and lazy, Thatcher lived till well past eighty,
But Douglas Adams died at forty-nine.

We're killing our armed forces and our beef is made of horses
And legal aid has just been privatised.
Priests just keep on raping minors. Terry Pratchett's got Alzheimer's.
All the papers ever print is lies.

I never used to say that it was better in my day,
'Cos that implied my day had been and gone,
But now I'm just resigned to feeling out of my own time,
More often Don Quixote than Don Juan.

Still. Mustn't grumble.

Johnnie Ingram

A portable Geek-to-English translation unit. Atheist, pedant, undercover feminist. Stalker of stand-up comedians. Quite likes Doctor Who.

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