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On summoning demons

I've worked with guerilla filmmaking pioneers Strange Company, in one form or another, for over a decade now. Strange Company is the baby of my friend Hugh Hancock. Hugh is a storyteller, and the way he tells stories is unique. Over the years, he's managed to convince me to dress up in a gimp suit covered in ping-pong balls, give a keynote speech to the Berlin Medienwoche (during which a room full of confused Germans were treated to my enthusiastic impersonations of a dragon holding a virtual video camera) and make a sprout soufle whilst hungover. He also cast me in a film with Brian Blessed, for which I shall be forever in his debt.

Hugh has just released his first ever live-action piece, and I'm in it. HOW TO: Demon Summoning is the first in a planned series of interconnected shorts. I play Dave Barnfield, a geek who tries to summon a demon by following a tutorial on YouTube. What could possibly go wrong?

Johnnie Ingram

A portable Geek-to-English translation unit. Atheist, pedant, undercover feminist. Stalker of stand-up comedians. Quite likes Doctor Who.

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