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Review: Heather Berlin and Baba Brinkman @ Ciao Roma

Baba Brinkman and Heather Berlin’s journey through the mechanics of the mind is an elegant marriage between comedy and science, co-presented by a married pairing of a comedian and a scientist. Brinkman and Berlin have hit a rich seam here, and they’re perfectly suited to exploit it. Berlin is an eminently qualified and widely published neuroscientist and science communicator. Her husband Brinkman, is a comedian and rapper, whose work over recent years has tended increasingly towards the scientific and nerdy. What they’re presenting here with Off The Top is a genuinely fascinating examination of the behaviour of the human brain, during periods of recollection and artistic creativity. There’s an easy and playful chemistry between the two of them, which never strays into the saccharin. Both are confident and charismatic speakers, but Off The Top is sufficiently well-structured that there’s almost never a competition for the microphone, or for the protagonist role.

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Johnnie Ingram

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