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Review: The Delightful Sausage @ The Caves

Cold Hard Cache, the debut Fringe hour from Amy Gledhill and Chris Cantrill, a.k.a. The Delightful Sausage, is an hour of daftness from two comics who complement each other very well. Cantrill is eager and expressive, with excellent natural timing. Gledhill is self-aware and silly, with a great ability to flip-flop between high and low status as the situation demands. The show is consistently funny, and occasionally excellent, with some really well-crafted jokes beautifully delivered. As a pairing Cantrill and Gledhill are fluid and symbiotic, with neither of them ever trampling over the other’s gags even during moments of ad-lib and improvisation.

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Johnnie Ingram

A portable Geek-to-English translation unit. Atheist, pedant, undercover feminist. Stalker of stand-up comedians. Quite likes Doctor Who.

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