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Ten Tips for 'Meet The Media'

Promoting your show at Fringe is unbelievably hard work, and can sometimes feel like a thankless Sisyphean task. The annual Meet The Media event, organised by Fringe Central, is a chance for you to pitch your piece directly to journalists, critics and reviewers.

If you’ve never experienced the chaos that is Meet The Media, it can be quite overwhelming. You’re going to have to queue for a long time, just for a quick two or three minutes with your chosen journo.

So, how do you make the most of your time, and what common mistakes should you avoid? Here’s our list of dos and don’ts for Meet The Media.

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Johnnie Ingram

A portable Geek-to-English translation unit. Atheist, pedant, undercover feminist. Stalker of stand-up comedians. Quite likes Doctor Who.

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